VISION (Inspirational Vocal Quartet)


Reaching Heights Beyond What Is Seen



This inspirational quartet can perform a variety of musical styles including traditional and contemporary gospel, spiritual hymns, wedding songs, classical arrangements, as well as many of today’s popular songs such as “I Believe” by Fantasia. Their versatility allows them to be able to perform to either accompaniment tracks, a live pianist or band, or acappella. Their delivery is “beyond what is expected”, as quoted by a guest at an event where they performed, therefore validating their motto of reaching unseen heights. This group is an ideal choice for weddings, motivational seminars, church banquets, and corporate awards presentations. Take a look, and visualize VISION taking your event to the next level.

    "That Was Beautiful !!!"

           – India.Arie, Grammy Award- Winning Recording Artist, Songwriter

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