Winner of The 2008    & 2009 Reel Awards  
in Las Vegas

Winner of The 2008  Artists Choice Awards  
in Las Vegas


The touching story of “The Dreams” is brought to stage in a show-stopping musical revue that will stir every emotion and move hearts and minds to believe that anything is possible, even our dreams.  The incredible music, beautiful harmonies, and tight choreography all representative of the 60’s, 70’s, and Disco eras, are just a few reasons why this show is a WINNER!  The show can be booked in various packages with tracks or accompanied by a live 5 piece band for either a 3/ 4 girl cast, or a 7 member male/ female cast.  The full cast show includes most of the songs from the movie including “Fake Your Way To The Top”, “One Night Only”, and more.  Filled with lots of energy, glamorous costumes, and several short scenes, Dreamgirls Tribute reinforces the powerful theme that you can make it to the top if you follow your DREAMS.  In addition, the cast also pay tribute to “The Supremes”, “The Temptations”, and to other various Motown groups as part of a Motown Revue show, “M-Town Connection”.
This show can be performed with accompaniment show tracks, or with the Class Act Tribute Band.

  1. Title 7
    Title 7

"If you want a great show, hire Carlene's Dreamgirls Tribute or just Carlene. She is easy to work with and puts on a fine performance.”
                   -Laddie Dwyer, A Unique Entertainment

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