“ARETHA THROUGH THE AGES"- A Tribute To Aretha Franklin


Winner of The 2010 Reel Awards  
in Las Vegas


Carlene takes you on a soulful song and dance journey through the decades of Aretha Franklin from her early gospel years to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Aretha. Filled with numerous costume changes and dance moves depicting the various eras of Aretha’s career, this show includes “Feel The Groove Dancers” as well as a beautiful photo montage backdrop of the many faces of Aretha Franklin throughout her career.
This show can be performed with accompaniment show tracks, or with the Class Act Tribute Band. 

 "I can't get over how her voice changes during each tribute. To be able to do that indicates the performer has an amazing voice herself. Carlene is Amazing!!!"
                                                     -Courtney Baldwin

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